Spelunky 2

Spelunky 2 is becoming an addiction for me. The roguelike, Indiana Jones-style action is something I just can’t get enough of right now, and couple that with the mega-smooth control style (a huge upgrade over the previous game, in my opinion), and you’ve got a recipe for all-night spelunking fests.

Spelunky 2 just received a patch on PS4, updating the game to version 1.07. It’s mostly just bug fixes, but there are a few oddities here, like changing the witch doctor skull shape.

Here are the full patch notes:

  • Fixed a crash in the tutorial
  • Fixed a crash related to coffins
  • Fixed a crash in level generation
  • Removed discounts on the dice shop
  • Fixed a crash related to sliding walls
  • Slightly reduced witchdoctor skull shape
  • Changed drones’ depth to be above players
  • Fixed a crash in Arena Hold the Idol mode
  • Fixed multiple crashes related to hired hand
  • Fixed mount so it stomps over rolling lizards
  • Fixed a crash in gamepad disconnection screen
  • Prevented drawing garbage in the journal’s map
  • Multiple performance optimizations for regular PS4
  • Fixed unlocks and kills of a specific monster in the journal
  • Prevented quick selector from being used when the slot is not assigned
  • Fixed vendors getting damaged while trapped inside a mantrap
  • Fixed controller reset on local co-op after selection cancel
  • Current best time in profile will reset to almost 100 hours
  • Fixed best time being recorded even if it was a death
  • Fixed a crash when when finishing or cancelling a challenge
  • Fixed crash when a frozen olmite breaks due to a fall
  • Fixed crash if a secret boss dies in a specific way
  • Fixed level number in tunnel after a certain scene
  • Fixed dialogs not hiding on basecamp transition
  • Prevented advancing more than one level in co-op
  • Minor art tuning in 25 different spritesheets
  • Fixed kill count of a specific flying creature
  • Fixed last game theme image in player profile
  • Fixed weapons attacks in undiscovered secret
  • Tuned music transition at endings
  • Added Marla portraits in tunnel
  • Improvements to sound playback
  • Improved lighting performance
  • Performance optimizations
  • Tweaked lava heat effects
  • Fixed multiple desyncs
  • Updated character art
  • Updated credits

Honestly, I’ve had a bug-free experience with Spelunky 2, despite all the time I’ve invested. Still, it’s good to see the devs on top of squashing bugs so everyone ends up having a better time overall. Plus, I’ll take any help I can get in killing those blasted rolling lizards, so the mount change is definitely appreciated.

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