Frozen Flame

Frozen Flame is a survival-style RPG with an art style that reminds me of Immortals Fenyx Rising, or the more recent Asterigos: Curse of the Stars. The game launched in Early Access today, and with that launch came an announcement about the content we can expect over the next couple months.

The next batch of content is focused on a new area called Dragon’s Grove. In early December, we’re going to have a Christmas-themed update, with festive decorations and a new Winter Island. It’s not clear how much of this content will be limited-time, but I’m assuming a good portion of it will be.

In late December, the new biome Dragon’s Grove will be added to the game, along with a second chapter for the story campaign and new boss fights. Plus, there will be new NPCs, quests, and trade items, and stone buildings, which I assume is a crafting/building update.

Sometime in January, we’ll get a new boss, some new islands in Dragon’s Grove, and new weapons and combat potions. And finally, in February, we’ll get new cursed islands and enemies, as well as new quests and crafting supplies. Plus, musical instruments will be added.

If you want to see the full roadmap, here’s an official image:

Frozen Flame - Content Roadmap

Beyond this roadmap, there are three additional stages currently planned. These are called Survival, Ghostwoods, and The Ice Citadel, and you can see more details in the image above.

All in all, it seems like Frozen Flame has a pretty ambitious content plan. I can’t wait to see how the game expands throughout its Early Access period as it readies itself for official launch.

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