The Long Dark’s Halloween-Themed Escape the Nightwalker Event Sounds Intense

The Long Dark - Nightwalker

In a recent Dev Diary, Hinterland announced their upcoming Halloween-themed event for The Long Dark. It’s called “Escape the Nightwalker,” and it sounds frickin’ intense.

Anyone who has played The Long Dark knows how difficult it can be to survive under normal circumstances. So when you add permanent night, deadly fogs, a demonic force, and the need to constantly be on the move, things get even more grueling than they already were. I can feel my anxiety and blood pressure rising.

I love the idea of basically turning The Long Dark into a mix of 30 Days of Night and It Follows (both of which, by the way, make for great Halloween movie options). I’m always looking for new ways to play The Long Dark, and this Halloween shakeup sounds like a great way to test your mettle.

The “Escape the Nightwalker” event runs from October 29 to November 12.

I’m also looking forward to The Long Dark‘s December update, since Hinterland also teased the addition of a brand-new area for Survival mode: Ash Canyon.

The Long Dark - Ash Canyon

Judging from the singular screenshot in the Dev Diary, this area looks even more deadly than Wolf Mountain, which is already the bane of my survival existence. So if Ash Canyon as treacherous as the screenshot suggests, The Long Dark fans are in for a short crawl to a cruel death.

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