Unto the End

In Unto the End, there is a Trophy/Achievement called Well Trained, which asks you to “complete training.” The thing is, the game sends some mixed signals about what this actually means. So here’s a guide to unlocking the Well Trained Trophy/Achievement in Unto the End.

Whenever you rest at a campfire, you’re given a few different options. One of those options is “Sparring Practice.” Select this option to begin the combat tutorial.

Unto the End

Once you get through the tutorial, the words “TRAINING COMPLETE” will show up on the screen. Here, you might assume, the Trophy/Achievement should pop. But it doesn’t.

In order to get it to pop, you’ll need to keep sparring with your wife until your child determines a winner. This means you’ll have to engage in combat for a good while after the tutorial is over. Eventually, your wife should stop the session and the child will declare a winner by putting a tally mark on the large stone near the training area. M is for Mom and D is for Dad, obviously.

Unto the End

At this point, the Trophy/Achievement should finally pop.

And that’s how you earn Well Trained in Unto the End.

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