Cozy Grove Guide: How to Upgrade Your Backpack Inventory Size

Cozy Grove

In Cozy Grove, you have a backpack, where you’ll store items. You can also drop off items at your campfire if you want to store them there. Both of these storage solutions can be upgraded.

Upgrading your campfire storage is pretty simple. Just talk to Flamey (the campfire) and he’ll offer to upgrade your campfire storage for a set fee. This can be done multiple times, though it will get more expensive each time.

But what about your backpack? Well, you can upgrade that too, though you’ll need to be pretty deep in the game first.

If you’ve been playing Cozy Grove for a bit now, you should be familiar with Mr. Kit, the fox/bear who runs the general store. In case you’re not familiar, this is the majestic critter you’re looking for:

Cozy Grove - Kit

In the store, you can purchase the Store Upgrade Catalog, which increase the store’s selection of stock. Note that you have to make a certain amount of game progress before this item is available for sale. Also, once you purchase the upgrade, the store will no longer sell items for the rest of the day (you should still be able to sell, however). The following day, the store’s selection will be larger.

There are several tiers of upgrades. The first upgrade costs 10,000 Old Coins, and the second costs 200,000 Gold Coins (yikes!). The third upgrade costs 400,000 Old Coins, and this is the one you want. Paying for this upgrade should add an item to the store called Extra Backpack Storage (+4), which, as the name suggests, increases your backpack inventory space by four slots.

Cozy Grove - Backpack Inventory

This item costs 400,000 Old Coins, so it’s not exactly cheap. In fact, if all you need is space to store your things, the campfire upgrades tend to be a better spend for your hard-earned coins. Still, having extra backpack slots means you can do things like, say, go fishing longer before you run into inventory issues, or run around with tons of eggs in your backpack.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, you can purchase this multiple times (just not multiple times in the same day). I’m not sure what the maximum is, but I confirmed that you can purchase it at least twice.

And that’s how you upgrade your backpack inventory size in Cozy Grove.

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