CryoFall is a sort-of-pixely take on the scavenge-and-survive genre that features building, farming, survival, and even PvP. It’s been in Early Access since April of 2019, but after two long years it’s finally getting an official launch on April 29, 2021.

For current players, the 1.0 release does mean that the servers will wipe, giving everyone a fresh start.

For non-players, here is a lengthy list of features from a recent press release:

  • Complex crafting and industry, including oil refining and lithium extraction.
  • Technology progression through the ages: primitive, industrial, modern, futuristic, sci-fi.
  • Farming with crop growth simulation, fertilizers, irrigation, etc. & diverse cooking options – also: fishing.
  • Electricity system with power grid simulation. Build generators, storage structures, and electricity consumers.
  • Civilian and military vehicles to explore the world faster or use in combat.
  • Bionic and cybernetic implants to augment your character with new abilities or to boost stats.
  • Player-driven economy with currency issuance, complex trading and automated vending machines managed by players.
  • Carefully hand-crafted game world (+ map editor).
  • Diverse environments with several biomes (temperate, desert, tropical, boreal, wasteland, volcanic, etc.).
  • Complex character simulation with a multitude of various effects and afflictions.
  • Science! Chemistry, physics, medicine, and more.
  • Meaningful player interactions with complex specialization options and faction system
  • Official and community-hosted PvE, PvP, and modded servers.
  • Extensive modding capabilities, including real-time code editing and open source game code.
  • In-house developed Renkei Engine, allowing hundreds of players on the same server.
  • Extensive anti-cheat protection using a unique, self-developed system

If you want to learn more, you can check out the CryoFall release trailer below.

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