New Pokemon Snap

Take a look at the above photo. That’s pretty average, right? It’s a simple image of Wurmple hiding in some grass. There’s nothing fancy about it — no wild stickers or filters, not even a frame. The score on this photo is 2,891, which isn’t completely terrible, but it’s certainly not impressive either. Plus, if I were to rank my favorite Pokémon, I doubt Wurmple would even make the top 200.

All that said, I think this is my favorite photo I’ve taken in New Pokemon Snap.

I really can’t say what it is I like about this photo, but whenever I come across it in my album, I instantly feel a little bit happier. Perhaps it’s the way the Wurmple is shading itself from the sun. Maybe its the look on its face, a little timid but curious — this Wurmple has a personality. Or maybe I just like it because it’s one of the very first photos I took in New Pokémon Snap and I get those good “new game vibes” when I look upon it. I really can’t say for sure why I feel this way.

But I will never delete this photo. I just love it way too much. If my data gets corrupted or I drop my Switch into the toilet or something, I will be heartbroken — not only because the Switch is such a great console, but because it has this specific photo stored in its memory.

In fact, I made sure I saved this photo to my console storage, and then I uploaded it to Twitter. I also have it in this very article, if all else fails. And I encourage anyone reading this to download this so I can hit you up at some point in the future in case I need to re-download it. (But if you’re not interested in doing that for me, I think I’m still pretty well covered. No pressure.)

I’ve been doing some pretty wild stuff with my photos in New Pokémon Snap (I’ve got a small sampling in another post here on Half-Glass Gaming). My Wurmple pic might not be weird or hilarious like those other images. Heck, it’s not even all that aesthetically appealing. I just like it, and I guess that’s all that matters.

Sometimes, a photo just hits you in the right way, and at the risk of sounding kind of sappy (and, dear God, over a Pokémon photo of all things), I think this image just hit me in that special way.

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