New Pokémon Snap Guide: How to Get Behind the Waterfall in Founja Jungle

New Pokemon Snap

One thing you’ll probably realize early in your New Pokémon Snap journey is that many of the courses feature alternate routes that must be manually triggered at the right time. One of the most elusive alternate routes takes you behind the waterfall in Founja Jungle. So how do you get back there? Well, here’s a complete guide.

First, you must select the Jungle (Day) course. About two thirds of the way through, you’ll head up a log near where the ancient ruins are. This is just before the waterfall. You’ll know you’re getting close when you spot this particular Liepard:

New Pokemon Snap

In order to access the space behind the waterfall, you need to move this Liepard before it falls asleep. That means you’re going to have to chuck an Illumina orb at it before you get too close. Start throwing when you’re about at the spot where the above photo was taken.

If you hit the Liepard, it should get up and jump off the rock instead of falling asleep. Once it’s gone, you’ll have to do a quick scan, which will ping the alternate route. Hold the scan button over the alternate route marker to shift your course.

New Pokemon Snap

This will take you behind the waterfall, where you’ll spot something neat (I won’t spoil what it is!)

You can also get this to work on the night version of the course, but the timing is a little trickier. There are actually two Pikipek to move this time as well (the Liepard won’t move unless the Pikipek are gone). You’ll need to use the Melody Player to get the Pikipek to move, then the Liepard should get out of the way automatically (you shouldn’t have to move it yourself, though it doesn’t hurt to conk it over the head with a Fluffruit if you’re getting nervous). Once it moves, use your scanner, then hold the scan button on the alternate route icon again. This time, you’ll have to be pretty quick, because the Liepard doesn’t like to move out of your way until the last possible moment.

New Pokemon Snap

If you’re struggling to get the timing right, remember that the NEO-ONE slows down when you’re aiming your camera, so aiming your camera (with the ZL button) will give you a little more time to wait while all the necessary Pokémon are moving out of your way.

So that’s how you get behind the waterfall in Founja Jungle in New Pokémon Snap.

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