Dead Island 2 - Halperin Hotel

In Dead Island 2, there are locked doors and locked safes in pretty much every corner of the map. And for every locked door, there must be a key, right? (This actually isn’t true in Dead Island 2, as a lot of doors are opened from the opposite side, or by a scripted story event. But you know what I mean.)

Anyway, in the Halperin Hotel section of the game, you’ll find a safe that requires the Security Guard’s Safe Key to open it. You might just pass it up and think nothing of it, but if you’re like me, you’ll end up obsessing over it, never satisfied until you hear the successful click of a lock being opened.

The key for the safe can actually be found underground, in a parking garage. Here’s a video that shows the exact location:

Now, I should point out that the key won’t be just sitting there on the ground like shown in the video. You’ll have to kill the correct zombie first, who will drop the keys. I didn’t catch the exact name of the zombie, but I found it in this exact same spot across two separate playthroughs.

You’ll want to be careful down there, as this area is packed with mobs. And one of them is a Crusher that will smash the ground and set off car alarms, which summons a horde of Runners. Thankfully, there’s a lot of water down in this section of the map, and you can lure zombies into puddles and then electrocute them, which was how I managed to clear out this section of the map.

Also, I should point out that these zombies are kind of high-level. You’ll probably want to be around Level 8 or so before you attempt to snag this key.

Or not. I’m not your dad. Do whatever you want.

Once you collect the key, you can go back up the ramp and find the safe in a little security hut. Remember, the trick to getting inside the hut is to disable the electric boxes — there’s one on the outside of the building, and a second one inside, which you’ll disable by chucking a weapon through the window.

If you don’t remember where this hut was located, here’s a quick reminder:

I found a Rare Violent Machete inside the safe, but I’m not sure if the contents of the safe are randomized.

Anyway, that’s where you can find the Security Guard’s Safe Key in the Halperin Hotel section of Dead Island 2. Good luck out there, slayer!

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