Dungeon and Gravestone - Slime Cosmetic

In Dungeon and Gravestone, the playable character is a “Husk” who can slip on other bodies like a suit. In the very beginning of the game, you’ll acquire the Hero body, which transforms you from a skeletal creature into a more standard-looking RPG hero. You’ll even have a cape!

If you want to switch back to Husk form, all you have to do is open the menu while you’re in town (by pressing the Options button, if you’re playing on PS4). Once you have the menu open, navigate to the tab on the right-hand side of the screen.

Dungeon and Gravestone - Cosmetics

Here, you’ll be able to switch out the body you have equipped. Each body has its own look, as well as its own stats. The Husk is absolutely garbage for stats (with a lot of negative numbers), and the Hero is basically the default (with all stats at zero).

However, you can unlock more bodies, which will allow you to change your look and your stats.

The only way to do this that I’m aware of is by finding the correct item in the dungeon. The item will look like a coffin (it’s the same image as the icon on the Body menu tab). If you can successfully bring one of those back to town, you can open it up and claim the body. This will add it to your Body menu, and you can now change your appearance to whichever body you unlocked.

I currently have four bodies unlocked, as you can see here:

Dungeon and Gravestone - Cosmetics

Note that there is an option in the Skill Grid that says “Release a BODY from the morgue” with the same coffin icon on it. I have no idea what this does. It doesn’t add a body to your menu or to your inventory, and I haven’t found anything that I would call a morgue where I could potentially pick this unlocked item at. So I haven’t figured out what this actually does yet. But if you’re trying to unlock it because you want to unlock a new cosmetic, I hope I saved you the wasted time and LP.

Dungeon and Gravestone - Skill Grid

And that’s really all there is to it. That’s everything you need to know about unlocking new cosmetics in Dungeon and Gravestone.

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