Monster Harvest - Fishing Shack

So you want to catch every fish in Monster Harvest, do you? Well, it’s actually not that difficult, since there are only 15 fish, and none of them are seasonal. If you need any help finding the ones you’re missing, I’ve put together this handy little guide to every fishing location in Monster Harvest.

If you catch every single fish, you will unlock More Effective Fishing Rods, which reduces the stamina consumption of your fishing rod at every level.

Oh, and if you’re looking for the Angelfish specifically, you might want to try the pond to the north of the saloon.

But if you’re looking for the rest of ’em, check out my handy guide below.

Monster Harvest - Fish
  • Salmon – North Area (day or night)
  • Clownfish – Glowing Glade, Dungeons, Festival Area (night only)
  • Squid – Calming Cove, Dungeons, Festival Area (night only)
  • Tuna – Calming Cove (day or night)
  • Angelfish – Town (day or night)
  • Bluegill – Calming Cove (day or night)
  • Flounder – Farm, Dungeons, Festival Area (night only)
  • Turbot – North Area, Dungeons, Festival Area (night only)
  • Sunfish – Glowing Glade (day or night)
  • Spinefoot – Town (day or night)
  • Trout – Farm (day or night), Festival Area (day only)
  • Pike – Farm (day or night), Festival Area (day only)
  • Catfish – North Area (day or night), Dungeons (day only), Festival Area (day only)
  • Walleye – Town, Dungeons, Festival Area (night only)
  • Bass – Glowing Glade (day or night)
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