Back in 2011, developer Luke Tarlowe (previously known as Thunder Dragon) released a game starring Wario’s best bud titled Psycho Waluigi. The fan-made project has been described as a cross between a 2D Super Mario game and Psychonauts. It was well-received and offered an absolutely bonkers premise. With the help of a sprite-like creature, Waluigi was able to use telekinetic powers to lift enemies and objects off the ground and toss them at other enemies or use them to break walls.

Tarlowe has since taken a lot of the DNA of Psycho Waluigi and spliced it into a new game: Psycutlery. You play as Lillian the Alien. With the help of her mind-controlled spork, Lillian can grab enemies, bombs, and other objects and toss them around. She can even use the spork to dig into fruit-like pieces of the environment and chomp ‘em down.

Mechanically, Psycutlery features many of the design elements of Psycho Waluigi, with an emphasis on telekinesis, and then builds the game’s combat and platforming around Lillian’s powers. It’s also said to be inspired by other series such as Yoshi and Kirby. Looking at the trailer, the game seems to expand on the formula of the original by offering large, ambitious levels filled with enemies and traps.

In terms of art design, Psycutlery looks like a cross between a pixel-based platformer and an old school cartoon. It’s a nice visual direction, and Lillian the Alien is a charming mascot-type character.

A release date and specific platforms aren’t confirmed just yet, but you can play the Psycutlery demo, which features six levels (as well as six hidden stages), on the game’s page. You can also follow the game’s development on its official Twitter @Psycutlery.

You can check out the 2020 Psycutlery trailer below.

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