The Lost Wild

It can be argued that there aren’t nearly enough games featuring dinosaurs. At the very least, it’s hard to deny that, in the survival genre, dinosaurs have gotten short shrift. Well, apparently the developers over at Great Ape Games agree, since they have been hard at work creating The Lost Wild, a dino-centric survival game.

The folks at Great Ape claim this is their chance “to finally bring to life the game we’d always dreamed of.” What sort of game is that? Well, according to the game’s official website:

… we want to make a dinosaur game grounded in realism and paleo research while treating these animals like animals, not monsters.

And last week they released a pre-alpha trailer showcasing some of those dinos, as well as titular lost wilds of the game’s environment. We also see hints of some of the systems — like using fire and flare guns to repel these mighty reptiles — and a taste of the type of action players can expect. The Lost Wild is stated to have only non-lethal weapons, primarily used to scatter encroaching herds enough to make daring escapes. There is also a heavy reliance on stealth, since lethality doesn’t appear to be an option.

There aren’t a ton of details on The Lost Wild just yet, other than you will play as an investigative reporter named Saskia, roaming this prehistoric landscape and rummaging through abandoned Japanese facilities. You will also spend a good deal of the approximate 10-or-so-hour-long campaign communicating with mysterious voice over your handheld radio, which I assume will be the source of the main quest line (but that is admittedly just speculation on my part).

There isn’t a release date or even release window yet for The Lost Wild, but it sounds like Great Ape is focusing on a PC release. If we’re lucky, we’ll see this on consoles too, but nothing’s been officially announced in that regard.

Although there aren’t yet any lists on which to make a wish, you can check out the pre-alpha trailer below for a juicy taste of what to expect whenever this game is released into the wild. Let’s just hope it doesn’t get lost in development…

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