Hitman 3 - Year 2

Hitman 3 has had an impressively ambitious slate of post-launch support. In fact, the game gets something new almost every single week (though often that just means new community challenges). But even with the Seven Deadly Sins DLC finally wrapping up almost a year after the game’s launch (on January 20, 2021), Hitman 3 is far from done. IO Interactive announced this morning that Hitman 3 will be getting a second year of DLC support.

Now, perhaps this doesn’t come as a surprise, as Hitman 3 was incredibly profitable (and we learned today that 50 million people have played the World of Assassination trilogy, which is wild). Since IO Interactive recently beefed up its development staff, with some of those resources going toward Hitman 3, it was assumed that support for the game would continue beyond the Seven Deadly Sins. Now, this assumption has been officially confirmed.

For me, the best part of this announcement is the confirmation of new maps and new storylines. I assume the new storylines will take part on the new maps, but previous DLC in the trilogy offered fresh stories on existing maps, like the Patient Zero story from Hitman (2016). But new maps entirely? That has me salivating.

Another incredible new feature is the Elusive Target Arcade, which makes past Elusive Targets permanent. These targets were traditionally only available for ten days at a time, which means if you miss one, you miss out on it forever (unless IO decides to bring it back at some point in the future). Making them a permanent game mode has long been a fan-requested feature, so it’s great to hear that IO is listening.

And finally, there’s going to be a major update at some point in the spring, though we don’t have any details yet.

Hitman 3‘s Year 2 begins on January 20, 2022. You can watch the full announcement video below (though it is age-gated).

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