Sandwalkers starts with a band of adventures searching for hope of a better world. Your caravan must venture through harsh landscapes, making allies and fighting enemies along the way. After braving sandstorms, acid rain, and other threats, your caravan will eventually come to a stop, unable to journey any further.

Then the process will start all over again.

Your adventurers may succumb to the harsh environments they explore, but that won’t make their mission a failure. Sandwalkers allows you to send your memories back to your tribe, allowing a new caravan to learn from your mistakes.

Sandwalkers is a turn-based roguelike that seems designed to give players a constant sense of progress. Sure, you might make some deadly missteps, but those blunders will help guide you through the next journey, and the next. You can gather loot, build alliances, and forge a path for the adventures that follow in your footsteps.

Based on what I’ve seen, the world of Sandwalkers is worthy of all that exploration. Even though your caravan will be wandering through plenty of desert landscapes, the world is still filled with color and detail. The character designs are fantastic as well, which is why I suspect it’ll be easy to get attached to your doomed party members.

Sandwalkers is set to release on PC and Switch on an unspecified date. If you’d like to see more of the world you’ll be exploring, check out the trailer below:

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