The Cub

From Demagog Studio, the studio behind Golf Club: Wasteland and the recently announced and very cool-looking Highwater, comes The Cub. The Cub is a side-scrolling, Limbo-like platformer created by Igor Simic, and it’s being described as “The Jungle Book meets Armageddon.” Based on a new trailer shown off at Guerilla Collective 3.0, that description seems fairly apt.

In The Cub, the world we once knew is now a neon wasteland full of perilous traps and dangerous, as well as hungry-looking mutated monstrosities. You play as a child, the titular “cub” of this story, who was left behind on Earth while a portion of humanity — the ultra-rich — fled to Tesla City on Mars (pretty on-the-nose, if you ask me) to escape The Great Climate Catastrophe. The people who were left behind turned on each other, as humanity so very often does, forcing the cub into exile deep in the forest, seemingly passing the time in front of a sizable flatscreen T.V.

One day, the rich assholes who fled to Mars venture back to Earth to collect specimens. They then begin hunting the cub to learn more about his apparent immunity to the deadly pathogen that ravaged the planet.

The Cub

And thus begins The Cub‘s journey to avoid capture and probable death while trying to get to safety and unravel some sort of mystery — or, at least that’s the description I’d come up with if I were given creative editorial license.

This is all set to a “smooth apocalypse-wave tune”-fueled soundtrack featuring Radio Nostalgia from Mars, which the cub picks up through the space helmet he finds and wears throughout this journey. This will be familiar to anyone that played Golf Club: Wasteland, as this is the very same radio station from that game (both games are set in a shared universe). If the description for this trailer is an accurate indicator of what to expect gameplay wise, players can expect The Cub to be: “a story-rich, old-school, tough platformer inspired by Sega classics but built for today.”

You can check out a fairly lengthy breakdown in the Tribeca Games Spotlight video below.

If that gets your blood pumping, you might as well keep that hype train a chugging by wishlisting The Cub on Steam and checking out the demo that’s available right now. There is no release date for The Cub, but it will be coming to PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC whenever it does launch.

Oh, and you can check out that Guerilla Collective trailer I mentioned earlier, because I posted it below.

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