Stray - Sneakitty

In Stray, there is a Trophy called Sneakitty, which asks you to “Go through Midtown without being detected by the Sentinels.” This takes place in the Midtown chapter of the game, right after you’ve located the worker hat and worker jacket. To successfully navigate this, you must complete several stealth sections of the game without being detected.

Like the Can’t Cat-ch Me Trophy, this one is largely a matter of memorization. However, since you can actually see the Sentinels’ sightlines, this is actually way easier. Also, remember that you can hold R2 to run, which will get you past some of those beams a lot quicker.

Now I’m going to walk you through the whole thing, step by step.

First up, you must get through the factory without being detected. Here’s a video of a purrfect route:

Next up, you must solve the puzzle to acquire the battery. This actually isn’t part of the Trophy, but I’ll post a video for anyone who’s struggling with the puzzle.

Then, you must make it back to Clementine’s apartment without being spotted. Here’s a video of an undetected route:

While you’re inside Clementine’s apartment, you must solve a puzzle to discover her location. Again, this isn’t part of the Trophy, but I’ll post a video of the solution for anyone who’s struggling with it.

After this, you must leave the apartment and look for Clementine’s location. I should warn you that it’s really easy to get spotted by the first Sentinel here, so be careful when you’re jumping out of the window. Here’s a video of the final stealth sequence that counts toward the Trophy:

If you’ve done all this correctly, the Trophy will pop once you make it past the police barricade at the end of the video above.

One thing to be aware of is that if you do get spotted, you can simply press the Options button, then go to the “Reload Last Checkpoint” option. This will bring you back to the beginning of the sequence so you can try again. Note that each of my five videos begins at a checkpoint, so that gives you an idea of where the checkpoints are located.

And that’s how you earn the Sneakitty Trophy in Stray! Good luck, kittens!

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6 months ago

does it count as detected if it flashes as yellow but you get away? thanks!

6 months ago

I have done this multiple times, and even when i reload i dont get the accheivement when i pass the police barricade

5 months ago

On the way out, just follow the yellow hose/cable. Much easier and quicker.

29 days ago

I got the trophy although the cat got a few brief scanner hits. I verified the hits by looking at the my PS4’s video files that I saved at various stages. However, the blue laser scan didn’t turn yellow.

So the cat can get briefly hit as long as the scan light doesn’t turn yellow. Though at first I thought I would have to do the whole grind again after going through the police barricade on the return to Midtown. I didn’t get the trophy. I redid the last checkpoint (Stray Final Stretch video) and it popped.

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