Asterigos - Styx Prisoner

In Asterigos: Curse of the Stars, there’s a side quest in the bottom level of Styx where a prisoner asks you to retrieve a spear for him. He tells you that you can find it on the first floor armory, but the prison is such a twisted maze that it can be difficult to locate based on those directions.

Thankfully, there’s a super easy way to get to the Aphes Legion Spear. Starting from the Purgatory Conduit, here’s a super easy route:

Note that you will take damage from the fall, so if you choose to go this specific route, keep that in mind. You can get to this same room without dropping through the floor above, but the specific route I show in the video is the easiest one to show because it’s short and direct.

Also, if you don’t remember where to find the prisoner, here’s a quick refresher:

This one starts from the Phylactery’s Cradle Conduit.

When you give him back the spear, he will thank you, but he’s still not going to help you get into the secret room he’s been teasing. But still, knowing where the spear is does let you cross off another item off of the very long list of side activities in this game.

If you do want to keep going with this quest, though, go back to the Shelter and talk to Irenacus. Use the dialogue options:

  • Talk.
  • Discuss theology and magic.
  • Ask about Colossus Power.

At this point, he should give you an item called the Starite Warehouse Key. This, as you might guess, lets you into the secret laboratory in the bottom level of Styx.

Now, I actually don’t know if there are any other prerequisites to finding the Colossus in the secret lab. I can’t think of any off the top of my head (aside from the fact that you need to be deep enough in the story that Irenacus is at the Shelter), but this game’s side quests are a tangled web of interactions, and it can often be difficult to tell if something you did or said impacted a particular side quest.

But this guide should at least let you figure out how to find the Aphes Legion Spear in Styx in Asterigos: Curse of the Stars.

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hard mode
hard mode
1 year ago

hey uh how do you open the door next to the statue that opens the colosus experiment lab? l can see a chest but there is no lock to poress or anything

1 year ago
Reply to  Josh Wirtanen

I’m having the same problem, is that the door I’m supposed to find or is it somewhere else?

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