The Entropy Centre - Puzzle 0703

The Entropy Centre is a devious puzzle game that does some really interesting things with its time-rewind game mechanic. While the first portion of the game is easy as pie, it does start to get tricky later on. For me personally, Puzzle 0703 was the point at which the game’s difficulty really spiked. (But if you want some assistance on Puzzle 0701 and 0702, check out my previous guide).

Because I was playing a pre-release copy of the game, I had no access to guides and I had to figure out all the puzzles on my own. But after scratching my head for 20 minutes or so, the solution to Puzzle 0703 did finally click for me.

So I’m going to walk you through it.

Now, it’s a little hard to describe what exactly the process is, so I recorded some videos. I split this into two videos because there was an obvious place to split it up (when you get through the first door, you’ll trigger a checkpoint, then there’s a second section of the puzzle to solve).

So here’s the first part of the puzzle:

And here’s the second part:

The thing that makes the first puzzle section tricky is that there are four buttons, and you must make sure the cube touches all four of them in the proper order. To make matters worse, there are beams that will cause your gun’s memory to reset, so you must disable them at the proper time. The way I got around this was to pass the box downward to myself. It actually wasn’t that difficult; I just dropped the box off the edge of the platform, then rewound it to freeze it in place (similar to what I did in Puzzle 0604). Once I made it through the beams, I was able to grab it from thin air.

In the second section, the tricky part is that there’s a floating palm tree that you need to reposition, otherwise your box won’t hit the switch.

You can see both of these in action in the videos above.

And that’s how you solve Puzzle 0703 in The Entropy Centre. Now go out there and save the Earth!

Oh, and if you want to continue this walkthrough series, you can read my Puzzle 0704 guide here.

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