Dead Island 2 - Luigi Jr

When you reach Santa Monica in Dead Island 2, you might stumble upon a box called the Famiglia Storage Box, which requires Luigi Famiglia’s Key in order to open. So I’m going to show you where to find it.

First, though, you must have completed the main story quest “Boardwalking Dead” so you can return to Santa Monica during the day. Then, you can find a zombie named Luigi Jr. in the tunnel underneath the pier. Here’s a video that shows the exact location:

Again, I believe it must be daytime for Luigi Jr. to appear.

Once you kill Luigi Jr., he’ll drop the Luigi Famiglia Key, which opens the Famiglia Storage Box. This box is located inside Luigi’s Pizzaria. Here’s a video of the location:

Unlocking the box rewards you with a Superior Punctuator Bo Staff.

And that’s how you unlock the Famiglia Storage Box in Dead Island 2.

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