Red Dead Online

As we pointed out last week, weekly updates in Red Dead Online seem to be shrinking a bit. For a while, we were getting two new legendary animals per week, but last week we only got one. The one-animal-per-week trend continues in the latest Tuesday update.

This week, the Legendary Milk Coyote was added to the game. Like the Legendary Banded Gator, which was added last week, the Milk Coyote is available via a special sighting mission from Harriet rather than randomly encountered in the wild.

Red Dead Online

If you can complete the sighting mission in any way (which means either killing and skinning the animal, or sedating it and taking a sample), you’ll earn 40% off any Novice or Promising Naturalist item. Going the non-lethal route and collecting a sample will also earn you 40% any Distinguished item.

On top of that, you can expect new items in the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. catalog, as well as in shops around the game world.

Red Dead Online

The new items include the Barelle Hat, the Inkstone Hat, and the Farling Jacket. You can see these new clothing items and get info on some of the “hidden” discounts in the September 1 Red Dead Online update by checking out the Dirty Tyler video below.

And, as always, the login screen has been updated to celebrate the arrival of the Legendary Milk Coyote.

Red Dead Online
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