Potion Permit

Potion Permit looks like a charming little game with a pixel art visual style and a magical setting. In it, you are tasked with diagnosing the people of Moonbury with various ailments, then collecting the necessary ingredients to make the potions that will cure them. One of the people you must save is the mayor’s daughter, and saving her specifically seems like it might drive the game’s main narrative.

There isn’t a ton of information about Potion Permit quite yet, but based on the gameplay footage we’ve seen so far, it looks like there’s a lot of foraging (including chopping wood and busting rocks), as well as a deep alchemy system.

Potion Permit

It also appears there are some Stardew Valley-like elements (or Harvest Moon-like elements, if you prefer the older comparison), which have you befriending various people in the village and trying to increase your friendship level with them.

Oh, and you also have a pet dog, who helps you fight monsters and find hidden items.

Potion Permit is being published by Pqube, the same publisher behind our beloved Nexomon: Extinction and the upcoming Kitaria Fables. It’s due out for Xbox (presumably Xbox One), PlayStation (presumably PS4), Nintendo Switch, and PC sometime in 2021.

You can watch the Potion Permit announcement trailer below.

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