Cozy Grove

If you look at a screenshot of the upcoming life-sim Cozy Grove, it’s hard to deny that the game’s art style is gorgeous. And if you think it looks good in stills, you should see how it looks in motion.

This game looks like it takes elements from Animal Crossing, and throws a Don’t Starve-style hand-drawn visual aesthetic into the mix. I seriously can’t stop looking at screenshots or watching the game’s trailer.

Cozy Grove is adorable on the surface, a game about camping and returning the color to a colorless world (à la Epic Mickey — or even The Saboteur), but there’s something dark lurking beneath the surface. Cozy Grove is, as its sign warns, haunted.

The game comes from Spry Fox, creators of Triple Town, Alphabear, Bushido Bear, Road Not Taken, and Steambirds Alliance, and it’s expected to be out during the first half of 2021.

You can follow the game’s development on Twitter and add it to your Steam wishlist now. Most importantly, you need to check out the trailer for Cozy Grove below.

Oh, and here’s a list of features from the game’s page on the Spry Fox website:

  • Beautiful, dynamic, hand-drawn landscapes that come alive when you help a spirit in need.
  • Dozens of memorable characters and spirits for you to find and befriend. Each spirit has a unique, extensive story for you to unravel over time.
  • Collect spirit animals, craft decorations, go fishing and more!
  • 40+ hour campaign filled with side quests, designed to span months of playtime.

Cozy Grove has a lot of potential for sure, and we’ll be keeping our eyes on it as we roll into 2021.

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