Morbid: The Seven Acolytes

In Morbid: The Seven Acolytes, there is a Trophy/Achievement called Strive for Perfection, which asks you to “Slay an Acolyte without taking any damage.” It’s not an easy challenge, but I managed to find a trick that makes it easier.

For my victim, I chose Lorn the Blind, the Lord of Loneliness, who is the first Acolyte (and also the boss who drops Lorn’s Shamshir). The reason this works is because of the room layout. You fight Lorn on a staircase, and there is a corner on that staircase where Lorn tends to get stuck. If you can get the boss stuck here, you should have no trouble completing the fight without taking damage.

Here’s a video of this in action:

Note that you have to be really careful about how close you get, because Lorn gets unstuck pretty easily. If you watch the video above, you’ll notice how limited I kept my range of movement once I got the boss into position.

I should also point out that another boss you want to try a no-damage run with is Vulgus Calia, the Mass of Terror. If you use Stamina Blessings and the Irean Battle Spear, this fight is pretty easy. (Here’s a guide to getting every weapon in the game, in case you’re looking for a specific one). On top of this, you can eat Genetically Modified Broccoli to prevent your stamina from draining. This is a fight where stamina is your best friend. You’ll need to be fast and dodge a lot.

The only tricky thing about this is that getting hit by Vulgus’s debuffs (the stun and the blood blindness) will void the achievement, even though they don’t technically deal any damage. I actually beat this fight without taking any proper damage and didn’t pop the Trophy. (I later created a second save file to re-challenge Lorn).

And there you have it. Either of these methods should get you a leg up in your pursuit of the Strive for Perfection Trophy/Achievement in Morbid: The Seven Acolytes. Good luck!

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