Unto the End – How to Beat the Chain Whip Boss

Unto the End

Late in Unto the End, you will be tasked with fighting a brutally tough boss that has a chain whip and a dagger (pictured above). In fact, this is actually the penultimate fight in the game, followed only by the also brutally difficult Captain. I found myself getting absolutely wrecked by this thing until I discovered one secret that let me turn the tide in my favor.

It turns out, I was approaching this fight all wrong. Because the game’s previous encounters had trained me to learn block patterns and strike openings, I was going for an overly defensive approach. This allowed the boss to slowly whittle my health down whenever I made a mistake and blocked in the wrong direction (or forgot that he often follows up the whip attack with a second, deadlier whip attack).

So I went on the offense, and I was ultimately successful.

The key here is to use your bone dagger to goad this beast into ducking. Once he ducks, you can throw him off balance with a shoulder bash. This does require precise timing, though. You’ll always want to time your dagger toss while the beast is running toward you. The boss must duck, or your dagger will sink itself into its skin and you will be dagger-less for the rest of the fight.

Additionally, you want to always throw to the left. If you throw to the right, the dagger can fly offscreen where it’s inaccessible.

Also, keep in mind that you can pick up your dagger while rolling to minimize the amount of time you’re defenseless while recovering the fallen bone dagger.

I counted nine hits before he was finally down (and my character was almost dead by this point), so this is not a quick fight. This one will test your endurance (and your timing) pretty hard.

If you want to see a video of this all in action (which I recommend so you can get a feel for the timing), I’ve posted one below.

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