Knights and Bikes

Double Fine Games is known for their wacky, weird, and heartwarming brand of indie adventure games, which they’ve been making for decades. Pretty much anything with a Double Fine stamp on the box is worth checking out, in my opinion.

I have a tendency to hold off on buying anything on Nintendo Switch until a physical edition is out, so now that Double Fine’s Knights and Bikes has a physical Switch cartridge on the way, I’m going to finally own this sweet, plastic-scented piece of gaming history.

I should point out here that Double Fine is the publisher for Knights and Bikes. The game was developed by Foam Sword Games, which includes LittleBigPlanet veterans Rex Crowle (artist) and Daniel Pemberton (composer).

Knights and Bikes tells the story of two bike-loving girls who are growing up in England in the late 1980s. You’ll progress through the story — solo or co-op — by solving puzzles, upgrading your bike, and playing minigames. It all sounds very charming, and I’m excited to finally experience it in physical cartridge form.

The physical edition comes from the fine folks at Limited Run Games, and that means there’s a bunch of cool stuff releasing alongside the game’s physical version.

Knights and Bikes

Most importantly, there’s a soundtrack on vinyl. I don’t know about you, but I think video-game soundtracks really shine with the audible richness (and imperfections) of vinyl.

There’s also an art book, and since the art in Knights and Bikes is incredible, the book is probably worth checking out.

Pre-orders for all this stuff are open now at the Limited Run website. Here are the links:

Keep in mind that Limited Run lives up to their name, and these items will only be available for a short period of time. If you’re interested in any of this beautiful stuff, you’d better act now.

You can check out a trailer for Knights and Bikes below.

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