Mario Golf: Super Rush

Nintendo-Switch-owning video game golf fans can rejoice: Mario Golf: Super Rush was announced during today’s long-overdue Nintendo Direct. Due to release June 25, 2021, Super Rush looks like a competent arcade golfing sim. In fact, I think it looks kind of like a Mario-skinned Hot Shots Golf, which is really all I need to know. I’m on board already, Nintendo.

As a huge fan of Hot Shots, Sony’s big-headed-characters-playing-golf series, I am always in the market for a capable variant of that classic, satisfying formula.

That being said, what the heck is up with the person doing the announcer voiceover in the announcement trailer? Seriously, this sounds like an overly exaggerated impression of Cecily Strong’s impersonation of Judge Jeanine Pirro on SNL.

Is this a joke? Is this supposed to be an established Nintendo character that I just am not aware of? Is there a reference that I’m missing here?

Or, more insidiously, did someone at Nintendo actually request that a real human speak in this manner while doling out the bullet points for this upcoming Nintendo first-party title?

“Oohahahooo! Did we mention Story Mode?” The cringe reverberates.

Anyway, Mario Golf: Super Rush looks decent. You can check out the full announcement trailer below.

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Mike S.
Mike S.
5 months ago

To me it sounds like Zoe Lister-Jones. It’s almost identical to the voice she uses as Fawn Moscato on New Girl

2 months ago

It sounds like Killua from hunter x hunter

1 month ago

Does anyone else think it sounds like an older Ash ketchum

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