Open Country - Collect Water

In Open Country, water is one of your most crucial resources if you hope to survive in the wilderness. Not only do you need it to replenish your thirst, which seems to deplete at a rapid clip, but it’s also an ingredient in many crafting recipes.

Thankfully, you can refill your flask at any body of water. However, if the water isn’t running (as in, if it’s a still body of water like a pond or lake), the water you collect from it might be tainted and filled with parasites. Thankfully, there’s a simple solution: Purify the water. How you go about doing this isn’t immediately obvious, though.

The first thing you need to do is collect some dirty water. Then, build a campfire. Once your campfire is built, you’ll need to craft the Camp Fire Grill upgrade (which will cost you three branches). This adds a little cooking stick over the fire.

Open Country - Camp

Now you can boil water by accessing your campfire (when it’s lit) and selecting the Prepare option, then selecting Boiled Water. Once it’s boiled, your purified water can be found in a can that’s dangling over the fire. Collect it to add it to your flask.

And that’s how you boil and purify water in Open Country.

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