The Magnificent Trufflepigs

Make no mistake, The Magnificent Trufflepigs is not a big, beefy experience. No, this comes from brand-new indie studio Thunkd, whose mission statement is to make “evening-sized games.” In fact, on their About Us page, they proclaim:

Thunkd is a new, independent, video game developer that wants to become synonymous with high-quality, short-form, ‘evening-sized’ games and experiences. We believe there is a sizeable audience that wants high-quality titles, that they know they can play from start-to-finish, without consuming what little leisure time they have. 

So how big is “evening-sized”?

The answer is that you could easily complete The Magnificent Trufflepigs in two or three hours. I played it pretty casually, getting up occasionally to make some coffee or check my emails. My play time on Steam after the credits had rolled said 3.1 hours.

In my playtime, I collected 42 of the game’s 50 treasures, and completed 10 out of its 15 Achievements. There is a New Game+ mode that loops you back through the story with your collection of treasures intact in case you want to do some Achievement cleanup. You could hypothetically extend your overall play time to maybe four hours if you do a second completionist loop, but even that is probably overestimating how long this would actually take.

So that should give you a pretty solid idea for how long The Magnificent Trufflepigs should take you to complete.

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