Final Fantasy XIV - Y'shtola

Early in Final Fantasy XIV, players are introduced to Y’shtola Rhul. She doesn’t get a whole lot of development in the early stages of the game, but she’s going to end up being one of the most interesting — and most beloved — characters in this entire game.

So I’m going to walk you through the basic instructions for creating everyone’s favorite Final Fantasy XIV catgirl, Y’shtola Rhul, in the character creation menu. There are other guides out there, but I’ve not found any of them to be perfectly accurate, so I decided to create my own. I took a lot of screenshots and spent a lot of Fantasia to make this happen. I also bought all of the necessary components in the Mog Station, which wasn’t exactly cheap. You’re welcome, Internet!

Here’s a comparison, if you have any doubts about my build:

Final Fantasy XIV - Y'shtola

Which one is the real Y’shtola? (She’s the one on the left, if you weren’t sure…)

Now, Y’shtola is a character that’s gone through some pretty big visual changes, so I’m going to give you a few different sets of instructions for crafting the perfect Y’shtola.

Oh, and I should point out that each of these requires a purchase on the Mog Station, but I’m going to include one free version as well. The free version won’t be exact, but it will be close enough to make a budget-friendly Y’shtola.

A Realm Reborn

Final Fantasy XIV - Y'shtola

This version of Y’shtola is the easiest to get exactly right, because you can actually re-create her eyes (almost) perfectly (which won’t be possible in later versions, but more on that later).

So here’s the basic template:

  • Race: Miqo’te
  • Gender: Female
  • Clan: Seekers of the Sun
  • Height: 55
  • Bust Size: 60
  • Skin Color: 2,5 (as shown below)
Final Fantasy XIV - Y'shtola
  • Tail Shape: 1
  • Tail Length: 50
  • Hairstyle:
Final Fantasy XIV - Y'shtola
  • Hair Color: 6, 2 (as shown below)
Final Fantasy XIV - Y'shtola
  • Face: 3
  • Jaw: Type 1
  • Eye Shape: Type 3
  • Iris Size: Small
  • Eye Color: 23, 3 (as shown below)
Final Fantasy XIV - Y'shtola
  • Eyebrows: Type 1
  • Nose: Type 1
  • Mouth: Type 1
  • Lip Color: Light, 4,8 (as shown below)
Final Fantasy XIV - Y'shtola
  • Facial Features: 1
  • Tattoos: None
  • Tattoo Color: None
  • Face Paint: None
  • Face Paint Color: None

There is no perfect recreation of her voice. I chose #8, which to me sounds the most like Y’shtola’s voice actor in the later parts of the game, but I’ve seen other people who make a different choice here.

The outfit is for sale in the Mog Station. It’s the Y’shtola Attire, and it comes with:

  • Scion Conjurer’s Dalmatica
  • Scion Conjurer’s Chausses
  • Scion Conjurer’s Pattens

For your class, you’ll want to choose Conjurer, and as you rank up, you’ll want to make sure you have the “Budding” version of each wand.

One problem you’ll encounter, however, is that the character model eyes are slightly larger than Y’shtola’s actual eyes, and they’re not exactly the correct shape. I found Type 3 to be closer to Y’shtola’s than Type 1, though most guides I’ve seen recommend Type 1. You could also try Face Shape 2 instead of 3, which has eyes a little bit closer to the real deal, but that gets you the wrong stripes and the wrong lips.

Also, I’ve seen a lot of guides list both her height and bust size at 50. For me, 55 and 60, respectively, seem more accurate (as you can probably see in the comparison image at the beginning of this article).

A Realm Reborn (Free Version)

Final Fantasy XIV - Y'shtola

If you want to make Y’shtola without dropping real-world cash, you can create this approximate version:

  • Altered Cotton Dalmatica, or Imperial Operative Dalmatica (either works)
  • Hempen Chausses (Woad Blue Dye)
  • Mahogany Pattens (Woad Blue Dye)

Now, I went with Woad Blue dye, but you can also try Void Blue. In my experience, Woad Blue is just a tad too light, and Void Blue is just a tad too dark. Woad Blue, to me, looks closer to the color of the Scion Conjurer’s gear.


Final Fantasy XIV - Y'shtola

Y’shtola gets a new outfit and hairstyle in Heavensward, and there’s also a fundamental change to how her eyes look. Unfortunately, you can’t get her eyes exactly right, because they’re missing the pupils.

At this point in the game, Y’shtola’s signature weapon is the Truth Seeker staff, which as far as I know isn’t currently available in the game. However, you can get the hair and outfit in the Mog Station as part of Y’shtola’s Modish Attire. That includes:

  • Scion Healer’s Robe
  • Scion Healer’s Halftights
  • Scion Healer’s Highboots
  • Modern Aesthetics – Scion Special Issue III

In my opinion, this is the superior hairstyle for Y’shtola, so that’s probably worth the purchase price alone (if you’re a big Y’shtola fan, I mean). But the outfit is really cool too. It’s definitely an improvement over her ARR set.


Final Fantasy XIV - Y'shtola

In Shadowbringers, Y’shtola respecs as a Black Mage and gets a new outfit, the Brave New Y’shtola Attire, which can be purchased from the Mog Station. The outfit includes:

  • Scion Sorceress’s Headdress
  • Scion Sorceress’s Robe
  • Scion Sorceress’s Shadowtalons
  • Scion Sorceress’s High Boots

She keeps the same hairstyle from the previous look, though. You can also buy her staff, Nightseeker, from the Mog Station.

Final Fantasy XIV - Y'shtola

Yes, if you want the full set, you’ll have to make three purchases, making this the most expensive Y’shtola outfit. This is for the superfans.

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