Bonfire Peaks - Rowboat

In puzzle game Bonfire Peaks, there is a Trophy called Nice Try, which asks you to “Place a crate on a torch.” Obviously, this requires you to somehow get a wooden crate way up on the top of a torch. It’s perhaps easier said than done, though there’s actually a really simple method for doing this.

You’ll need to get to the Trophy Hunter’s delight, a puzzle called Rowboat (you can also get the Infinite Loop and Surf’s Up Trophies in this same puzzle).

Rowboat isn’t super difficult to find, but it’s tucked away in a section of the map that’s easily missable if you’re not paying super close attention. To get there, you’ll need to locate an oddly placed laptop.

Bonfire Peaks

Note the red arrow in the above image. That’s pointing to a bridge, which will take you to an area with a waterfall and several puzzle campfires. The campfire you’re looking for is smack in the middle of all of them.

Bonfire Peaks - Rowboat

Once you’re in the Rowboat puzzle, you’ll simply need to create a stairway pattern using the double-wide crates, like so:

Bonfire Peaks - Rowboat

And that’s really it. If you can stack the crates exactly as shown in the above image, you can simply navigate over to the torch so that the highest crate is on top of it. The torch won’t burn the crates or anything, but you will pop the Trophy.

In case that description isn’t clear enough, here’s a video of it in action:

And that’s how you get the Nice Try Trophy in Bonfire Peaks!

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