Simplicity is key sometimes, and that’s what Scaredom from developer Menacing Aura Games is all about. What’s the opposite of a dream? A nightmare. What’s a good old school video game genre? The 2D platformer. What graphical style looks rad? Pixel art. These are all simple concepts, but Scaredom uses them to create a fun-looking, fast-paced platforming adventure where you’re a part of the ongoing war between nightmares and dreams.

At first glance, Scaredom reminded me of The End Is Nigh, the spooky, goopy 2D platformer from Super Meat Boy developer Edmund McMillen and Tyler Glaiel. While there are some similarities to be found, with both titles utilizing wall-jumping and dark themes, Scaredom looks even faster and more action-y than The End Is Nigh.

You’ll dash through surreal, dream-like environments and take on bizarre, nightmarish baddies. Based on the game’s trailer, it looks like you’re also equipped with a simple-but-effective slash attack.

Scaredom looks like it could be a pretty challenging platformer, but its pixel art visuals are nonetheless inviting, and the footage that’s been released so far looks really cool. There’s no confirmed release date yet, but the game is listed as “coming soon” to PC. This is definitely one to watch for fans of difficult 2D platformers.

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