Breakwaters is an upcoming open-world survival title from developer/publisher Soaring Pixels Games. Unlike the multitude of other survival titles currently flooding the market (heh heh), Breakwaters sets itself apart by implementing a tidal-based system that allows the player to, well, break the waters and control its ebbing and flowing. There is also a Shadow of the Colossus element where you’ll encounter a titan mucking about, shooting terraforming laser beams and whatnot.

But at it core, Breakwaters looks to very much be about feeding meters and finding ingredients for crafting — the pillars of any self-respecting survival title.

And the new trailer — the “Water” trailer, as it were — highlights some of the possibilities that stem from being able to bend the laws of water physics to your whim.

With each new detail and piece of info that drops for Breakwaters, my interest only grows stronger, as does, also, my desire to get my hands on it.

Thankfully, it looks like the wait might be coming to an end, as Breakwaters currently boasts a release date of October of this year. At least, that is according to its Steam page. And considering Kickstarter backers have had access to the beta for just over a month or so at this point, I am crossing my fingers that “sometime in October” holds up. Although the Breakwaters website does mention a console release, I wouldn’t hold my breath that it will coincide with the PC release (though that certainly would be welcome).

While you’re waiting to dip your toes into the warm waters of Breakwaters, you can check out the official “Water” trailer below, and head over to Steam to wishlist this if you haven’t already.

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