Red Dead Online - Quick Draw Club Pass No. 4

Red Dead Online‘s final Quick Draw Club Pass is here at last. Well, it’s the final pass of this batch anyway, as Rockstar could always do another batch of rapid-fire passes in the future. But this is the last of the current batch. So let’s dig into the goods and find out what this pass is all about.

How long does Quick Draw Club Pass No. 4 last?

This last pass runs from October 5 to October 27, at which point the Halloween Pass 2 should officially begin. Remember, if you bought into all four Quick Club Passes, that Halloween Pass will be free. Hooray!

How do I see the contents of Quick Draw Pass No. 4?

Red Dead Online - Menu

If you’ve never bought into one of these passes before, it can be a little confusing. Hell, even if you’ve bought into every single one, it can still be confusing, because the process isn’t exactly intuitive.

There are two ways to dig into the contents of the pass. First, you can go to the Benefits section of the in-game menu (which you can access by pressing the Options button on PlayStation or the Esc. key on PC). From here, the pass should show up in a panel called Club Rewards (by default, this should say Rank 0). This panel should be in the bottom right-hand side of your screen.

The second way to get to this section is to go to the Progress section of the menu. This menu also features a panel for the pass, but this time it’s located on the left-hand side of the screen.

Red Dead Online - Club Rewards

Once you’re in this submenu, you can browse through all 25 ranks to see what you’ll be unlocking over the course of the month. While I don’t think the rewards are quite as good as the incredible Redcliff outfit from Quick Draw Pass No. 1, I’m actually kind of into the rewards this month. But I’ll get to those later…

How do I purchase Quick Draw Pass No. 4?

Red Dead Online - Quick Draw Club Pass No. 4

Go home, Rockstar. You’re drunk…

As someone who used to help create website menus for a living, I have no idea why Rockstar does the things they do. You’d think they would at least try to make it easy to figure out any part of the menu that gives people options for spending Gold Bars (which you can buy with real-world money), but they really don’t. I honestly struggle with this every single time there’s a new pass.

What you want to do is check out the pass, as I outlined in the previous section. If you have the top (free) row selected, you won’t see the option to buy in. But if you move to one of the bottom two (premium) rows, the option to buy in will appear.

Why, Rockstar? Why?

The premium version of the pass costs 25 Gold Bars, though you don’t need to purchase the premium version to start leveling up and collecting rewards. And any progress you make on the free version of the pass will transfer over to the premium version once you buy in. What I mean by that is if you level up to rank 7, then you buy into the premium pass, you’ll start at level 7 and all of the premium rewards up to that point will instantly be unlocked.

If you’re trying to earn some quick gold, you can check out my complete RDO gold grinding guide. It’s a doozy.

How do I level up the pass?

Red Dead Online - Mauser Pistol Variant

The good news is that leveling up the pass is really easy. Any XP you earn in the game is applied to your pass (it’s still applied to your standard level-up system as well). So if you earn 100 XP for picking up a collectable, that 100 XP will be applied to the pass.

The Quick Draw Passes have a progressive level system, where the deeper you get, the more XP you’ll need to rank up. Thankfully, even the late-game ranks are pretty quick. You could honestly blast through one of these passes in a single day if you really wanted to.

What are the rewards?

Red Dead Online - Mauser Pistol Variant

Okay, so let’s be real: You’re here for the rewards. The whole reason we Red Dead Online enthusiasts are doing any of this is because of those shiny rewards. So what do you earn this time around? Here’s a complete list.

Rank 1

  • Russet Polka Dot Wrap for your Longarms (free)
  • 15% Role XP Boost (premium)

Rank 2

  • Free change of appearance coupon (premium)

Rank 3

  • Moonshiners Pose for your posse (premium)

Rank 4

  • Scarlet Leather Wrap for your Longarms (premium)

Rank 5

  • 50% off select ponchos coupon (free)
  • Forester Poncho (premium)

Rank 6

  • Dunster Hat (premium)
  • Cartridge Wrap for your Pump-Action Shotgun (premium)

Rank 7

  • Spectator Cam Filter (free)
  • Snot Shot emote (premium)

Rank 8

  • 3 Gold Bars coupon (premium)

Rank 9

  • Lemoyne Bandana (premium)

Rank 10

  • Cartridge Wrap for your Repeating Shotgun (premium)

Rank 11

  • Dunster Pants (premium)

Rank 12

  • Provisions Parcel – Contains Miracle Tonics, Baked Beans, Gin, Rum, and Brandy
  • Cornwall belt buckle (premium)
  • 4 Gold Bars coupon (premium)

Rank 13

  • Dunster Boots (premium)

Rank 14

  • 3 Gold Bars coupon (premium)

Rank 15

  • Health Core camera filter (premium)

Rank 16

  • Dunster Shirt (free)
  • Cartridge Wrap for Double-Barreled Shotgun (premium)

Rank 17

  • 4 Gold Bars coupon (premium)

Rank 18

  • Central Union belt buckle (premium)

Rank 19

  • Dunster Neckerchief (premium)
  • 3 Gold Bars coupon (premium)

Rank 20

  • Wet Your Whistle emote (premium)

Rank 21

  • 50% off select outfits coupon (free)
  • The Dunster outfit (premium)
  • Cartridge Wrap for your Semi-Auto Shotgun (premium)

Rank 22

  • 4 Gold Bars coupon (premium)

Rank 23

  • 30% Role XP Boost (premium)

Rank 24

  • Huntingdock Coat (premium)
  • 4 Gold Bars coupon (premium)

Rank 25

  • Auburn & Ash Unkempt Mane for your horse (free)
  • Mauser Pistol Variant (premium)

Is the Quick Draw Club Pass No. 4 worth it?

Red Dead Online - Dunster Outfit

So, I ask myself this question whenever there’s a new pass, and I struggle to answer it every single time. The reason is that I’m a seasoned Red Dead Online player with tons and tons of gold in my virtual Wild West bank account. I can buy into a pass without a second thought, and I always end up completing the pass (I have a second character now, and I’ve been completing the passes on both characters).

If you have the gold and plan to rank up this pass all the way to 25, then absolutely, buy in, if for no other reason than to have something new to do. If you bought the previous three passes and were a little disappointed, well, I would say tough this one out so you can get that Halloween Pass when it drops. Last year’s Halloween pass was pretty decent, and the next one looks like it will have some cool stuff in it as well.

But if you’re a person who has to actually drop real-world money to get your pass, you’re probably sweating bullets over this decision. So should you buy into it?

Honestly, I think this pass has some good stuff in it. Maybe my expectations are just really low because of last month’s offerings, but I kind of dig it this time around. I really like the Dunster outfit (pictured at the top of this section). Sure, it’s not super Wild West-y, but it looks comfortable. I could totally see my character rocking that look. Though, to be clear, the version of the Dunster shown above is a hodgepodge of the Dunster items that you’ll be acquiring throughout the pass.

Red Dead Online - Mauser Pistol Variant

Aside from that, the Mauser pistol variant is quite lovely. I do rock the Mauser occasionally, and now I can do so with style (well, it’s not like my gold-plated Mausers aren’t stylish, but this new variant is a beautiful piece of machinery).

This month’s pass is also delightfully light on crap like camera filters and poses (though you’ve still got some of those). I don’t know who likes that stuff, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say it’s a tiny, tiny minority of players. I imagine the majority of folks are here for the outfits and weapon variants.

So yeah, I like this pass, and I already bought it on one character (I’ll buy it on the second character later today). If you can spare the 25 Gold Bars (which actually isn’t much if you follow my gold farming guide), I think it’s a decent little pass.

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