Red Dead Online - Quick Draw Club Pass No. 3

Howdy! If you’ve been playing Red Dead Online, then you’ve probably noticed by now that the second Quick Draw Pass has now expired. It’s not time to take a break quite yet, though, because we’re moving into Quick Draw Club Pass No. 3. Just like always, I’m going to walk you through the pass and explain how it works before giving an exhaustive rundown of the rewards.

So let’s dive in, pardner!

How long does Quick Draw Club Pass No. 3 last?

The third Quick Draw Pass runs from September 7 to October 4. The fourth pass should start immediately after this one ends.

How do I see the contents of Quick Draw Pass No. 3?

Red Dead Online - Menu

There are two ways to dig into the contents of the pass. First, you can go to the Benefits section of the in-game menu (which you can access by pressing the Options button on PlayStation or the Esc. key on PC). From here, the pass should show up in a panel called Club Rewards (by default, this should say Rank 0). This panel should be in the bottom right-hand side of your screen.

The second way to get to this section is to go to the Progress section of the menu. This menu also features a panel for the pass, but this time it’s located on the left-hand side of the screen.

Red Dead Online - Club Rewards

Once you’re in this submenu, you can browse through all 25 ranks to see what you’ll be unlocking over the course of the month. Honestly, I’m struggling to identify the main draw of this month’s pass, but I’ll get into that once we get into the rewards section of this breakdown.

How do I purchase Quick Draw Pass No. 3?

Red Dead Online - Quick Draw Club Pass No. 3

I’ve bought several passes at this point, some of them on multiple accounts. And I have to say, the process never feels intuitive. So here’s how you actually buy the doggone thing:

When you’re looking at the pass, there are three rows of rewards. The top row is the free stuff, while the bottom two rows are the premium rewards. You will earn the stuff in the top row whether you buy into the pass or not. What you’re actually buying into is the bottom two rows.

If you have one of the free rewards selected, you won’t see the option to buy the pass. Navigate your cursor to one of the premium rewards, and you’ll see text that says “Buy The Quick Draw Club” next to a button icon. Simply hold down that button (X on PlayStation) to purchase the premium pass. You will end up on a confirmation screen, at which point you’ll have to hold the button down again to finalize the purchase.

If you buy the pass after you’ve already leveled it up, you will have instant access to any of the premium rewards you would have earned already. So, if you level up to Rank 10, then purchase the premium pass, you’ll instantly unlock all premium rewards up to Rank 10.

If you need to grind some gold quickly, you can check out my 2021 gold grinding guide to get your bearings in the Red Dead Online gold-farming economy.

How do I level up the pass?

Red Dead Online - Quick Draw Club Pass No. 3

The pass works exactly like the previous ones.

Any XP you earn in the game will be applied to your Quick Draw Pass. So if your character gains 100 XP (for picking up a collectible, say), your pass will also gain 100 XP. (Note that XP is applied to both your character and the pass, not just the pass).

Like the previous Quick Draw Pass (and unlike the previous Outlaw Passes), the first tiers will move rapidly while the XP required for each fresh rank will increase as you get into the real meat of the pass.

Even so, I don’t think you’ll have any trouble with this. Even a casual player should be able to blast through all 25 ranks in a few days, just by playing an hour or two a day.

What are the rewards?

Red Dead Online - Quick Draw Club Pass No. 3

So what do you get for your hard work? Here’s a complete list of every reward in the Red Dead Online Quick Draw Club Pass No. 3:

Rank 1

  • Ammo Parcel – Contains Slug shotgun ammo, plus bundles of Poison and Small Game arrows (free)
  • 15% Role XP Boost (premium)

Rank 2

  • Sage Tartan Wrap for your Longarms (premium)

Rank 3

  • Free stable stall coupon (premium)

Rank 4

  • 50% off Fast Travel Post for your camp (free)
  • Flying Kiss emote (premium)
  • Layham Jacket (premium)

Rank 5

  • Cartridge Wrap for your Bolt Action Rifle (premium)

Rank 6

  • Van Horn belt buckle (premium)
  • 3 Gold Bars coupon (premium)

Rank 7

  • 50% off select Missouri Fox Trotter, Turkoman, or Mustang horses (premium)
  • Stamina Core photo filter (premium)

Rank 8

  • White & Auburn Unkempt Mane for your horse (free)
  • Wild Boar pose for your posse (premium)

Rank 9

  • 4 Gold Bars coupon (premium)
  • Cartridge Wrap for your Elephant Rifle (premium)

Rank 10

  • Beadnell Sight eyepatch (premium)

Rank 11

  • Ammo Ingredients Parcel – Contains ingredients for crafting ammo (free)
  • White & Auburn Loose Mane for your horse (premium)

Rank 12

  • Cartridge Wrap for your Springfield Rifle (premium)

Rank 13

  • 3 Gold Bars coupon (premium)

Rank 14

  • Ginger Wilderness Wrap for your Longarms (premium)

Rank 15

  • Black & Natural Tousled Mane for your horse (free)
  • Twin Stack belt buckle (premium)

Rank 16

  • 4 Gold Bars coupon (premium)

Rank 17

  • Ingredients Parcel – Contains crafting ingredients (premium)
  • Cartridge Wrap for your Rolling Block Rifle (premium)

Rank 18

  • Choppy Undercut hairstyle (premium)

Rank 19

  • Roughhouse emote (premium)
  • 3 Gold Bars coupon (premium)

Rank 20

  • 25% Role XP Boost (premium)

Rank 21

  • Insignificant emote (free)
  • Cartridge Wrap for your Carcano Rifle (premium)
  • Galleywood Wraps (premium)

Rank 22

  • 4 Gold Bars coupon (premium)

Rank 23

  • Auburn & White Sleek Mane for your horse (premium)

Rank 24

  • Goggle Mask (premium)
  • 4 Gold Bars coupon (premium)

Rank 25

  • 5 Gold Bars off a Vitalism Studies pamphlet (free)
  • Bagshot Knife (premium)
  • Chatsworth Vest (premium)

Is the Quick Draw Club Pass No. 3 worth it?

Red Dead Online - Quick Draw Club Pass No. 3

I should point out that I buy every single pass, no matter how good the rewards are. I just like having exclusive stuff in my collection, and I have a ton of Gold Bars saved up so I never even notice the spend. For newer players, though, you might want to balance the price against the value. If you do that, it’s clear that this pass is mostly just filler.

The quality of these passes seems to be going downhill fast. In the first Quick Draw Pass, we had the Radcliffe outfit, which is what Dutch wore in the single-player campaign. That was an awesome reward. Last month, we had to be content with the Rowberrow outfit, which isn’t really my style but whatever. This month, we don’t even get an outfit, and the final reward, the Chatsworth Vest, looks like an ugly Christmas sweater with the sleeves cut off. Who wants this atrocity as more than a novelty gag?

Red Dead Online - Quick Draw Club Pass No. 3

The Goggle Mask is kind of cool if you’re going for a steampunk look, I suppose, and the Galleywood Wraps are kind of neat. If you’re a fan of emotes, there are several here to add to your collection.

But really, the real draw of this pass is the fact that if you buy all four Quick Draw Club Passes, you’ll get the Halloween Pass for free. Last year’s Halloween pass was okay-ish, so having a shot at getting the next one for free is a pretty decent bonus, I think.

But really, if you plan on ranking up the pass no matter what, and you have 25 Gold Bars to burn (which you’ll get back over the course of the pass), then there’s no real reason not to purchase the pass. There’s just nothing here that I’m excited about next month. Here’s hoping that Pass No. 4 is better, and that the Halloween Pass is extra spooky this year…

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