The upcoming first-person stealth RPG Abermore‘s main conceit seems pretty straightforward: As a legendary Robin Hood-esque mystical thief (A.K.A. “The Unhanged Man”), you will have 18 days to plan and successfully execute the ultimate score, “The Feast of the Lucky Few.” The twist is in how you go about undertaking this theft to end all thefts.

Each day has an element of procedural generation in the available side quests or mini-heists, the characters you can try to persuade to join you in your grand schemes, and how you will go about completing each theft. And all this happens while you’re exploring what looks like a hub-based open cityscape, the titular Abermore.

As “The Unhanged Man,” you will have access to tarot cards, blessed by Lady Luck, which will grant you upwards of 14 abilities that you will be able to utilize, once acquired, in whatever combination you feel best suits your playstyle. One of these abilities, for example, will muffle your footsteps to make you all the more stealthy, while it looks like another one might turn enemies into stone. I’ve even heard there is a skill similar to Dishonored‘s Blink mechanic.

Speaking of which, Abermore will no doubt draw some comparisons to Dishonored, from it’s neo-Edwardian design aesthetic to the first-person stealth gameplay. Whether or not it will be able to carve it’s own lane in that highway is left to be seen.


I am not at all familiar with Abermore developer Four Circle Interactive — their only other credits of note on Steam are the games 10 Second Ninja and 10 Second Ninja X — so it will be interesting to see how well they pull Abermore off. I think it has the makings to be something special based solely on what I’ve seen thus far, and I am definitely hoping it will deliver a unique experience in this genre, since I was sorely disappointed with the latest game from the juggernaut of this genre, Arkane’s 2021 release Deathloop.

In case you couldn’t already tell, I’m incredibly excited to check out Abermore when it launches for PC on March 29, 2022. There is no price yet announced, but you can add Abermore to your wishlist on Steam to get updates as that release date fast approaches.

The announce trailer for Abermore is below, so give that a watch if you want to know more.

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