Young Souls

Young Souls is a neat brawler with some surprisingly deep combat and a whole lot of great dialogue. If you’re an Achievement hunter, this game has some of those too!

I’m posting the complete Achievement/Trophy list for Young Souls below, with all of the hidden Achievements revealed. There are some mild spoilers (mostly for boss names), so if you want to go into this thing as blind as possible, I’m giving you a chance to turn back now.

Okay, are you still with me? Then let’s dig into those ‘cheevos!

Young Souls
  • First Blood – Kill a goblin for the first time.
  • Beast Rider – Ride a dragon for the first time.
  • No Pain, No Gain – Earn 5 stars on a Happy Fit training session.
  • Block Master – Block 10 attacks.
  • Will You Parry Me – Parry an attack.
  • Dodge Master – Dodge an attack by rolling.
  • Too Skilled for You – Complete a dungeon without taking any damage.
  • That’s Better – Upgrade a weapon or armor.
  • Overpowered – Upgrade a weapon to 6 stars.
  • Top Gear – Upgrade an accessory to its maximum level.
  • I’m So Fancy – Equip an armor and helmet combo.
  • Gold Keeper I – Collect 25,000 gold.
  • Gold Keeper II – Collect 50,000 gold.
  • Gold Keeper III – Collect 100,000 gold.
  • I See Dead Goblins – Clear all Catacombs.
  • Badass – Clear all hard branches.
  • Treasure Hunter I – Open all bronze key chests.
  • Treasure Hunter II – Open all silver key chests.
  • Treasure Hunter III – Open all gold key chests.
  • Challenger – Finish the game in at least Challenging mode.
  • Expert – Finish the game in Expert mode.
  • Job’s Done! – Complete the game at 100%.
  • Definitely Silent – Kill Marl.
  • So Much for the Master of Magic – Beat Dinkoy.
  • She Became One With Her Machine – Kill Tetcha.
  • Faster Than His Shadow – Kill Fazmore.
  • Still No “Master” – Kill Dinkoy.
  • NINJA! – Kill Shinjo.
  • All Brawn and No Brains – Kill Kah-Kon.
  • Reunited At Last – Rescue the Professor.
  • Too Big a Price to Pay – Help the Professor bury the Driller under rocks.
  • Just Deserts? – Defeat Dwarvengobben.
  • Training Complete – Beat Yarlanda in the last Mausoleum
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