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In Asterigos: Curse of the Stars, there is a Trophy/Achievement called Limit-breaking, which asks you to “Complete a Round of Game With Level 20 or Lower.” That description is really poorly written, so it’s kind of hard to even tell what it’s asking you to do. Let me explain.

Okay, so basically, a “Round” is a playthrough of the game. Your first playthrough is Round 1, your first New Game Plus playthrough would be Round 2, etc. So basically, you need to complete the entire game at level 20 or lower.

At first, that might not sound unreasonable. But when you defeat the first boss and level up multiple times at once, you’re going to realize that you actually have to carefully plan this run to make it happen.

Thankfully, there are a few things to know that will help you out greatly.

Eye of the Abyss Amulet

Asterigos - Eye of the Abyss Amulet

There’s an item called the Eye of the Abyss Amulet, which completely halts your EXP gain so long as it’s equipped. This can be found in a chest underneath the Shelter. There’s another cursed trinket in the chest as well: the Calamity Ring gives you a whopping -30 on all resistances, making you super vulnerable.

For this particular challenge, you probably want to avoid the Calamity Ring, but the Eye of the Abyss Amulet is pretty much mandatory. In my first playthrough, I was over level 20 by the time I beat Eulalie, the third boss in the game.

So I made a video to show you the exact location of this mysterious chest.

In this video, the starting point is Bion, and you can open this chest as soon as you finish up Minerva’s dialogue when you enter the Shelter for the first time. But don’t worry if you missed it; I don’t believe the chest will ever disappear. Just make sure you get it before you ding level 21, or you’re going to have to start over.

Story Mode

Asterigos - Story Mode

Now, I strongly recommend playing on Story Mode difficulty if you’re serious about completing this challenge. Story Mode is absurdly easy, which will make you able to power your way through some of those tough boss fights, even when you’re severely under-leveled.

Progression without leveling up

Asterigos - Morning Star Elixir

Now, even though you’re not able to level up past 20, you can still keep progressing in other ways. One thing you should know about is an item called Morning Star Elixir. This super-useful item gives you one free Attribute Point to allocate however you see fit.

There’s one place you can find them — there’s a small blue rabbit-like (or foxlike) creature that’s holding them. This creature will appear periodically, and if you can whittle its health down to 0, it will drop a Morning Star Elixir, then burrow into the ground.

Asterigos: Curse of the Stars

On top of that, you can still visit Vulcane to upgrade your weapons (and craft you trinkets), so that’s another way you can progress without leveling up.


The rest is up to you. But if you play on Story Mode, equip the Eye of the Abyss Amulet at level 20, and then focus on non-level progression, you should do just fine. Good luck!

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