Frozen Flame - Fish

If you get super into cooking in Frozen Flame, you’ll probably start to find that a lot of recipes call for fish. But the game doesn’t feature a proper fishing mechanic, so how do you go about catching fish for your dinner?

Well, there are two ways that I’ve been collecting fish in the game, so I’ll quickly walk you through both of them.

First, you can catch fish by interacting with them while you’re swimming. The trick is, you have to be swimming fast (using the sprint button) to trigger this. When you approach a fish while swimming fast, you’ll see a prompt appear (it should be the A button if you’re using an Xbox controller, or the E key on your keyboard). Press that at the right time and the fish will be yours.

The other place I’ve been getting fish is by smashing crates in bandit camps. Crates won’t always drop fish, but they will sometimes. In fact, before I figured out the swimming trick, I was getting all of my fish this way, which could take forever.

Thankfully, I now know the easier method, and I’m sharing it with you today.

And that’s how you catch fish in Frozen Flame.

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1 year ago

I’’ve been flying into ponds and snatching them quickly. 😂👌 which only worked on one island. 😅

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