The Entropy Centre - Puzzle 1002

If you’ve made it through the conveyor-riddled madness leading up to Puzzle 1001 in The Entropy Centre, then it’s time to enjoy the further conveyor madness of Puzzle 1002 and Puzzle 1003. (And if you’re stuck, you can check out my Puzzle 1001 guide here.)

Now, Puzzle 1002 has two separate sections, the first of which is pretty easy, while the second can really throw you for a loop. If you manage to die in the second portion of the puzzle (or if you back out to the game’s main menu and reload your save), you will have to do the first portion over again.

Basically, all you have to do in the first section is rewind the conveyor belt, then grab the jump cube and position it on the blue square marked on the floor. Now use the springboard to launch yourself back to the beginning of the puzzle room. Rewind the conveyor again to create momentum before launching yourself onto the jump cube. If you’ve set everything up correctly, this should bounce you into the next section of the puzzle.

There is an email in this next section of the puzzle, so if you’re trying to read all the data entries in the game, you’ll need to check out the computer that’s tucked away in a corner (you can see the exact location in the video below).

This part of the puzzle is a lot trickier than the first part. The first step is to move the two cubes onto the switches that unlock the exit. You can reset your gun once the cubes are in place, as these are going to be their final locations. Now, bring the jump cube up to the conveyer section, and place it on the blue square after the conveyor. (If you want to place it on the first square first, this will allow you to rewind the cube back to that location. You can see me attempt to do that in the video walkthrough, but I messed it up.)

Grab the standard cube and use the conveyor-jump-cube trick (that you used in the first section) to access the raised area, where you’ll place the standard cube on a button pad. Now, use the springboard to launch yourself back to the conveyor area. Move the jump cube onto the blue square before the conveyor, then rewind the conveyor to launch you onto the jump cube. This should launch you to the exit.

If you’ve done everything correctly up until now, you should be able to rewind both cubes back to the button pads at the beginning of the room to unlock the exit door.

Here’s a video walkthrough of Puzzle 1002:

Puzzle 1003 is a real head-scratcher, and this one really stumped me when I first encountered it. Now that I’ve solved it, it doesn’t seem so bad, but I do think this is going to be a roadblock for a lot of people.

First up, if you’re trying to read all the intel in the game, you’ll want to make sure you check the email in this stage (you can see the exact location in the video below, but I don’t think you’ll have any trouble finding it).

Now you’ll want to grab the standard cube and set it down on the springboard, which needs power. Stand on the button pad to activate the springboard and launch the cube. It’s not going anywhere important; you’re just creating a trail for it so you can rewind it later.

Now that you’ve done that, you’ll want to grab the cube and place it on the button pad so you can use the springboard to launch yourself onto the conveyor. You will have to power the conveyor first, but that’s a simple matter of pressing a button in the section beneath the conveyor belt.

Launch yourself onto the conveyor, then rewind it so you go the opposite direction (away from the Time-Gate). Once you’re up here, rewind the cube until it’s on the conveyor belt, then rewind the conveyor belt just enough that it’s not moving. Step on the button pad to disable the Time-Gate, then re-activate the conveyor and let the cube reach the end of it. Once the cube is safely on the other side, you can follow it through. You will have to go through the Time-Gate, but all of your rewinding should be done at this point and it shouldn’t matter.

Place the cube on the button pad to unlock the exit, and get the heck out of there.

Here’s a video walkthrough of Puzzle 1003:

And that’s how you solve Puzzle 1002 and Puzzle 1003 in The Entropy Centre.

If you’re interested in continuing this walkthrough, click here to see my guide to Puzzle 1004 and 1005.

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