Dead Island 2 - Mail Truck

In Dead Island 2, there’s a type of side quest called Lost & Found, which typically ask you to follow a trail of clues to a sweet reward (or a person). Once you get about halfway through the game, you might encounter a Lost & Found quest called My Mailman Was a Zombie! This one asks you to follow in the footsteps of a mailman named Wayne, who was delivering a powerful firearm.

If you’re not sure where to trigger the quest, it’s in Bel-Air. Here’s exactly where it is on your map:

Dead Island 2 - Mail Truck

You’ll know when this quest becomes available if you keep checking your map menu. Any location with current quests will have some text that says how many quests are currently available.

Now, what you’re looking for is a FASTDEL mail truck that has a clipboard and a locked crate next to it.

Dead Island 2 - FASTDEL

Pick up the clipboard to activate the quest “My Mailman Was a Zombie!”

If you read the notes on the clipboard, you’ll see that Wayne had four deliveries planned, and all four are listed out on the clipboard. It seems as though he successfully delivered the first three items but got lost while attempting to deliver the fourth.

Dead Island 2 - Wayne's Clipboard
Dead Island 2 - Wayne's Clipboard

Now, you can actually map these out on your Bel-Air map, if you want to follow Wayne’s trail. Location 1 is Colt’s house, and it sounds like the package contains a bottle of expensive alcohol. Location 2 is the Goat Pen, and the package seems like it’s something for the podcast crew to review. Location 3 is on Glitterati Corner, and it seems like the package probably contains a sex toy of some sort.

The fourth package has a zip code of 90210. If you know California zip codes (or if you were a fan of a particular 1990s TV series), then you know that 90210 is the zip code for Beverly Hills. The Beverly Hills map doesn’t have streets labeled on it, but you can find your way using street signs once you get there. And what do you know? The first intersection you encounter is Del Toro Crest and Arkill Ridge.

Dead Island 2 - Arkill and Del Toro

Here’s the thing, though: Poor Wayne never made it this far. The route he traveled was actually a bit out of order from what was written on the notes. If you want his exact route, it looks like this:

Dead Island 2 - Wayne's Trail

If you follow this trail, you will find stacks of packages. The first one is in the driveway of the Goat Pen:

Dead Island 2 - Goat Pen Packages

The second one is in the alley behind Curtis’ house (next to the fuse box garage):

Dead Island 2 - Packages

And the last one is near Colt’s garage:

Dead Island 2 - Packages

Once you get this far, you will discover Wayne the Mailman in Colt’s garage.

Dead Island 2 - Wayne the Mailman

Kill him to pick up the Mailman’s Key, which you can then bring back to the delivery truck where you started this whole thing. Unlock the package and claim your reward. Inside the crate, you’ll find a sniper rifle called the Precise Raven.

And that’s how you find the Mailman’s Key to open up Wayne’s unfinished delivery, which completes the Lost & Found quest “My Mailman Was a Zombie!”

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9 months ago

Thank you so much. It was the last quest and I just couldn’t figure out where the last package was. Perfect guide!!

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