Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a different sort of battle royale game where instead of dispatching of your opponents, the goal is to survive a randomly-selected series of events, races, and minigames. Fall Guys is sweeping the gaming community right now, with the quirky, colorful, competitive game becoming massively popular.

The official Fall Guys Twitter account posted today that the game will be getting a “Spicy Hot Fix” update soon. Here’s the text of the tweet:

We’ve got a patch that’s almost ready to go – will hopefully drop it in the next week! I’m really excited about this one as it’s got lots of the things you’ve been asking us for! Shout yourself out in the replies if you spot something you requested!

This was followed with an image that lists the patch notes:

Fall Guys Spicy Hot Fix

Now, that white-text-on-light-blue-background is kind of hard to read, so we’ve transcribed the full thing for your convenience.

  • Tweaked round selection algorithm to select a Team game only if the team sizes are equal
  • Party members are now sorted first in Spectator mode
  • [PS4 only] Added Controller options, including invert X/Y axis and sensitivity settings
  • Slime Climb: players can no longer grab some of the moving obstacles
  • Jump Showdown: changed geometry to prevent a gameplay exploit
  • Jump Showdown: fixed camera auto-panning
  • Improved in-game Store purchase dialog to avoid accidental selections
  • Addressed the top 5 most frequent crashes
  • Visual fixes to some of the outfits
  • [PS4 only] improved UI performance on non-Pro PS4 models
  • Added option to change the jump button binding for Japan
  • Trophy/Achievement names and descriptions are now correctly displayed in all supported languages
  • Removed move speed nerf from Yellow Team (don’t post this one)

The first two of these are specifically things I’ve complained about while streaming Fall Guys, and the third is something I’ve grumbled about to myself, so it’s very cool to see those getting addressed.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

I do hope the visual fixes mentioned here include the fact that the pigeon tail clips through the character during the falling animation. That issue sounds minor, but it’s prevented me from using that outfit regularly. And it’s kind of a cool outfit.

and that last one — removed move speed nerf from Yellow Team — has to be a joke, right?

If you want to see videos of me winning matches in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, check out this one on Fall Mountain and this one on Royal Fumble. Also, follow PixelPixelRadio on Twitch to see this stuff happen live.

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