Spelunky 2

If you’re new to the Spelunky games, Spelunky 2‘s unforgiving nature might come as something of a shock. The game’s adorable appearance belies a sinister difficulty level, and many new players struggle with these games. Still, if you push through the sometimes-maddening difficulty, you’ll find plenty to enjoy in Spelunky 2, so you should definitely keep moving forward and let every death be a learning experience.

One of the very first things new players struggle with in Spelunky 2 is the arrow traps. In case you aren’t familiar, arrow traps look like this:

Spelunky 2

They react quickly to your presence, sometimes seeming to shoot out of nowhere, and an arrow will deal two points of damage. A single arrow trap can turn the tide of an otherwise successful run, so you’ll want to learn how to safely get past them.

Thankfully, there are three major ways to deal with arrow traps.

The first is to simply avoid them. If an arrow trap is blocking your path, see if you can find an alternate way to get where you’re going. Sometimes, you’ll have to give up a chest or shiny gem, but those rewards are probably not worth the two points of health you’re gambling here, especially if you’re just starting out.

Spelunky 2

Alternatively, you can blow up arrow traps with bombs. This method should be used sparingly, of course, since bombs are a limited resource. Running out of bombs can spell the end of a Spelunky 2 run.

The third method is the most useful one, though it might take a little bit of practice to get consistently good at it. Unlike the bear traps (the bear carvings that feature punching bags), arrow traps will only fire once. After a trap’s single arrow is depleted, you can safely pass without fear of being shot.

You can trigger an arrow trap with just about anything that can be thrown, and you can throw almost anything you find. Pick up a rock. Or a skull. Or a clay pot. Or a turkey you accidentally killed. Or even a dog or a cat.

Spelunky 2

You can even stun an enemy and lift it. Or, if you’ve managed to pick up a weapon (like a shotgun, webgun, or machete), you can drop it. Whatever it is you happen to be holding, toss the item into the trap so that it fires an arrow, and you’re free to pass.

I should point out here that you can also pick up and throw dung beetles, but they’re too small to trigger the arrow traps.

Spelunky 2

And if you’re really, really quick, you can use your whip to knock an arrow out of the air.

Of course, in order to use any of these methods, you must be able to spot the arrow traps before they strike. You’ll want to take things slow, especially if you’re a new player, and get a good sense of each room layout before you progress deeper into the caves.

Spelunky 2 (like Spelunky before it) is a game that rewards on-the-fly creative problem-solving. It throws a lot at you, but it also gives you a whole lot of options for dealing with those things. Sometimes, it just takes a little bit of ingenuity.

Hopefully this guide helps make Spelunky 2 a less frustrating and more enjoyable experience. Good luck, fellow spelunkers!

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