Nexomon: Extinction - Tombstone of the Four Mandrasses

In Nexomon: Extinction, there is a Trophy called Never Forget, which asks you to find the tombstone of the four Mandrasses. This is actually a really simple Trophy to get, and you can find the tombstone very early in the game if you know the path to get there.

Starting from the orphanage, head south to the next screen. From there, head south again, through the hollow log, and then head straight east until you find a batch of tombstones. Before the tombstones, you will cross a bridge.

The tombstone you’re looking for is vaguely shaped like a cross. There is also a ghost who will offer you a quest to delete his browsing history just north of the tombstone you’re looking for. It’s really hard to miss.

Nexomon: Extinction - Never Forget

If that description doesn’t do it for you, check out the video below, which will guide you from the orphanage to the tombstone of the four Mandrasses. It takes about 45 seconds to get there if you don’t stop for any Nexomon battles.

And that’s how you get the Never Forget Trophy in Nexomon: Extinction. I hope you find this guide to be useful.

Also, if you want to learn about all nine starters in Nexomon: Extinction, I created a pretty beefy guide for that too.

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