Outbreak: The Nightmare Chronicles

I’ve been playing Outbreak: The Nightmare Chronicles on Nintendo Switch, and I hit what I thought might be a game-breaking issue. The game gives you a really limited inventory (similar to other Outbreak games), and I couldn’t drop items. I was worried that this could potentially soft-lock the game in instances where you’re carrying too many things you can’t immediately use, such as painkillers or ipecac, which can only be used if you’re injured. There’s no information in the control screen about dropping items, and no option for it in the inventory screen.

I decided to reach out to Evan Wolbach, founder of Dead Drop Studios, to get some more information about this. Here’s what he told me:

Hi Morgan,

Nope, you’re stuck with what is on you like in the classic Resident Evil trilogy. In the Story Mode, storage boxes are fairly common (every few rooms) and the method for you to handle excess inventory. In Battle Mode, greed can be your undoing as you may be stuck with what is on you for a longer period of time. My focus with Outbreak: The Nightmare Chronicles was to recreate that tough-as-nails (and arguable frustrating) aspects of the intense inventory management of the earlier titles.

I backed off this policy a bit in Outbreak: Lost Hope, as that title allows you to discard consumable items (but not get them back once discarded).

Have fun in the world of classic survival horror, and let me know if you have any other questions!



Outbreak: The Nightmare Chronicles

Honestly, I’m so excited to know there is a way to get rid of excess items, or at the very least dump them into a box. I’m a tad frustrated with myself for not figuring this out sooner, but now I know, and now you do too!

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