Hitman 3

I spend a lot of time experimenting inside the games I play, and when I make discoveries in those games, I like to share them. Sometimes, this means I spend days writing exhaustively complete guides for doing something as simple as avoiding griefers in Red Dead Online.

So the Hitman World of Assassination Trilogy has really captured my attention. This batch of stealth sandboxes opens the door for an almost infinite amount of emergent gameplay strategies. I’ve been playing around with the Hitman games quite a bit over the past month, refining my strategies and attempting those elusive Silent Assassin, Suit Only runs (for the uninitiated, Silent Assassin, Suit Only is the most difficult official challenge any level will present you with — don’t get spotted, don’t kill anyone besides your targets, don’t leave any evidence, and don’t ever change your suit).

And then I discovered a video that completely changed my approach to this game. Heck, even exfiltrating missions is easier now.

Here’s the video:

In just over 12 minutes, this video goes over 20 need-to-know tricks that allow you to use the game’s various systems to your advantage. These aren’t cheats; these are ways to manipulate the game world using the tools the game deliberately provides (okay, so one of the tips is described as a glitch, but I’m not sure if it’s actually a glitch or if it’s a deliberate game mechanic). There are some real game-changers here.

Here’s a full list of the tips that this video goes over:

  • Peek-A-Boo Method
  • Guard Enforcer Null
  • Sneak Illegal Items Past Frisks
  • Lockdown Kills
  • Civilian Enforcer Null
  • Weapon Distractions
  • Easy No Cameras
  • Bullet Distractions
  • Glitch Bullet Distractions
  • KO Distractions
  • VIP Status Bypass
  • Traps
  • Quick-Drop Distractions
  • Scripted Events
  • “Skeleton Key”
  • Accident Kills
  • Hit And Run
  • Panic Guard Removal
  • Posion Spawns
  • StunLock/Throw up trick

Some of these were things I’d figured out on my own (making a guard sick with emetic poison makes them unable to spot you, for example). However, a lot of these were new to me, and they gave me a much deeper understanding of the game’s many interacting systems. I’ve been experimenting with these, and I’m becoming a better player as a result.

So many tips articles just go over the very basics of a game. While this is fine and good for beginners, those sorts of articles don’t have much use beyond speeding up your first couple hours of in-game learning. The video I shared goes way beyond that, opening the hood and showing you how certain gameplay mechanics were designed to function, then giving you pointers for adding that knowledge to your assassin’s toolkit.

This video really is incredible, and if you’re looking to really delve deep into the Hitman experience, you should check out these tips.

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