Bravely Default II has an impressive bestiary, and the Beastmaster job allows you to take full advantage of it. This job allows you to capture monsters and unleash them on your enemies. It also gives you access to some very useful abilities, like the MP Saver ability you unlock at Level 10.

Want to know how to unlock the Beastmaster job in Bravely Default II? You’ll unlock the job as part of the main story after you face off against Anihal in Chapter One. Anihal is sweet, but she’s also a formidable opponent, so you’ll want to make sure you use the right strategy for this battle.

Anihal won’t be your only opponent during this fight — you’ll also be taking on some of her monster friends. Defeating these enemies in the right order is key. You’ll want to start by defeating Anihal’s pet Undine. This spirit monster has access powerful healing magic, and once she’s gone, it will be easier to take the rest of your opponents down.

After that, focus on the Gelaflan. This monster has some nasty debuff spells that you won’t want to deal with. From there, only Anihal and her pet Peiste, Bernie, will be left. You can tackle these two in any order.

You’ll also have to watch out for Silence spells throughout this battle. You should stack up on Echo Herbs before the fight, and you should also equip your casters with the White Veil accessory. This accessory gives wearers Silence Immunity, which means you’ll be free to cast spells and use healing magic.

Since everyone you’ll be fighting has different weaknesses, you’ll also want to make sure at least one of your party members has the Freelancer sub-job. That way, you’ll be able to Examine all of your enemies and see which spells you should be using.

Once you’ve taken down Anihal and her friends, you’ll receive the Beastmaster Asterisk. I wasn’t expecting to use this job much when I first unlocked it, but I’ve found it to be incredibly useful. I’ve started capturing lots of monsters before boss fights and and then unleashing them on my enemies one after another. (If you want to level the Beastmaster job quickly, this is a great spot to farm Job Points.)

If you’ve been struggling with Bravely Default II, you might find this fight to be a bit tough, but it’s a lot easier once you know which order to attack your enemies in. Follow the strategies above and equip the right accessories — you’ll unlock the Beastmaster job in no time.

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