Biomutant - Pri Murgel Sword

If you’re looking to do some serious hacking and slashing in Biomutant (instead of sticking with ranged weapons), then boy howdy, do I have a sword for you. The oddly named Pri Murgel Sword is an insanely powerful two-hander that you’re going to want to add to your collection as soon as you can (Pri Murgel is a reference to two of the game’s breeds, Primal and Murgel, though you can wield it with any breed in the game).

Just look at these stats:

Biomutant - Pri Murgel Sword

Not only does its top-end damage move up into the four-figure range, but it also sets things on fire. It’s awesome.

You can get this pretty early in the game, but you need to be at least Level 18 to wield it. Once you’ve started using it, though, it’s going to be really hard to use anything else. It’s a really, really good melee weapon.

If you’re looking to acquire the Pri Murgel Sword in Biomutant, I’m here to walk you through it.

First, you’re going to need to activate a quest called The Lumintower. If you’re lucky, a random NPC might prompt it for you, but you can also make your own luck by traveling out to the correct location. You’re looking for the lighthouse on one particular island in the Surfipelago:

Biomutant - Lumentower

Of course, this is in the green water, so you’ll have to upgrade your Googlide to at least Level 2 to reach it. (If you need a guide for that, I created one!)

When you reach the island, you’ll have to solve a puzzle to get through a door. Now, this door can be a little buggy sometimes, but if it won’t open after you’ve solved the puzzle, you can get over the wall using your Fungi skill and Sol’s Trunk.

Once you’re through, you’ll need to make it to the top of the Lumentower (AKA the lighthouse). There’s an Eye Box puzzle in here, which you don’t need to do to get the sword, but as long as you’re here you might as well. You can make it most of the way up using handholds on the central pillar in the Lumentower.

Biomutant - Lumentower

At the top of the tower, you’ll find a crank, and when you adjust it, a beam will appear that will show you the location of a secret cave.

Biomutant - Lumentower

You’ll need to get back on the Googlide and follow the beam of light to the edge of the map, where you’ll encounter a mysterious shore and a tall cliffside. You can actually climb the cliff if you follow the yellow paint marks.

Biomutant - Pri Murgel Sword Location

Once you climb the cliff, you’ll find a cave called Riddleroom. Inside, you’ll have to fight the Surf Huggel (don’t worry, its level should scale approximately to yours) before you can make your way to the sword. You’re not done quite yet though, because there is an invisible barrier surrounding the sword.

How do you disable the barrier? By solving a puzzle, of course!

There are three stones with glowy markings on them. All you have to do is activate them from left to right — start with the left one, then activate the middle one, then the right one. Now, it’s possible that this is randomized like so many of the other puzzles in the game, but I’ve done this quest four times now and the solution has always been left to right for me.

Once you’ve solved the puzzle, the sword is yours. Go set some furry beasts on fire, my friend!

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