There’s a new mainline Pokémon game coming out this year. But there’s also a new non-Pokémon game coming out this year: the amazing-looking Coromon (which will be on Steam, the Epic Games Store, and even Nintendo Switch). I did get to play a demo of this at E3 last year, and even back then this was shaping up to be something truly special. This is a gorgeous pixel-art world that contains more than 120 Coromon to collect.

Today, the team at TRAGsoft (the developer of Coromon) released a featurette video that gives you a deeper dive into its combat system, boss battles, and PvP. For example, the video will walk you through its SP (Stamina Points) system, explain how resting works, and tell you about the different types of skills you’ll be able to make use of throughout your Coromon journey.

Honestly, I’m truly excited for this pixelated gem.

You can watch the full featurette below. And while you’re waiting for the March 31 launch, you’ll probably want to wishlist this on Steam.

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