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Ever since the end of Hitman 3‘s Seven Deadly Sins content, IO Interactive has been pretty quiet about their plans for the game. Sure, we got some peeks into what they’re brewing up for Year 2, but we’ve not seen a detailed roadmap since the holidays.

Well, that changes today, as IO has revealed their full plans for March. And I have to say, they’re…. well, not super interesting.

The highlight of March is the fact that they’re finally adding Patient Zero maps to Contracts Mode. That means you can finally create contracts for that spooky nighttime version of Sapienza (the one with the haunted tunnel and all that). This is an awesome addition that was a long time coming — it’s just wild that this wasn’t in the game already.

The other changes? Well, they’re removing some of the complications from Elusive Target Arcade (either people were complaining that they were too hard, or IO is just not willing to fix some of the bugs that could render these challenges impossible, like the “hide all bodies” complication not registering that all the bodies were actually hidden). Either way, I guess I’ll take it. I mean, I’ve completed all the previous Elusive Target Arcade missions, and I doubt I’ll be replaying them any time soon, so this doesn’t really affect me.

There are more missions coming to the mode this month, though, with missions dropping on March 3 and March 24. The March 3 batch includes two three-target missions and a five-target mission, and completing any of them allows you to unlock the Sieger AR552 Tactical. The March 24 batch sounds like it will be just one three-target mission (though the wording isn’t completely clear on that), and it allows you to unlock the HWK21 Covert. It’s unclear if that’s the same version of the gun you can unlock via Paris mastery, or if it will be a new variant of that gun.

Hitman - March 2022 Roadmap

Here’s a chronological list of what’s coming in March:

March 3

  • Elusive Target Arcade – The Vitae
  • Elusive Target Arcade – The Genera
  • Elusive Target Arcade – The Nebulae
  • Sieger AR552 Tactical (unlocked for completing any one of the three missions listed above)

March 11

  • The Collector (Elusive Target on Dartmoor)

March 17

  • Contracts Mode support for Patient Zero
  • Patient Zero Featured Contracts

March 24

  • Elusive Target Arcade – New batch (unlocks the HWK21 Covert)

For a deeper dive into all this content, you can check out the official post on the IO Interactive website.

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